Share the life story of you and your loved ones

Record your life events for both you and those you hold dear, so that future generations can see and hear your life story in your own words..

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How does it work?

Timelines Invites you to tell the story of your past, capture your present and share to future generations. 

Its all about you and those you love 

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Research partners

Our research partners are at the forefront of evidence based research, covering dementia care activities and healthy ageing initiatives.

University of St Andrews
University of Bedfordshire



Our Free plan gives you full access to the app and the ability to preview your Timeline page to make sure it's perfect.

If you would like to publish your Timeline, After Cloud will host your public page for a simple monthly cost.

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Imagine this was your last day on earth, what thoughts or information would you want to leave behind? What would you like to say or celebrate in a future without you?

Moments can help you to securely store those important daily thoughts and precious memories and post to a future date.

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