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Unlock the Story of Your Corporate Legacy

Heritage keepers and corporate custodians! Are you ready to transform your historical treasures into captivating tales that mesmerize visitors and clients alike? We have the perfect solution for you.

Introducing Timelines – your passport to effortlessly commercialize and showcase your invaluable assets. Whether it's the majestic architecture of your buildings, the legacy of your brand, the charm of your location, or the brilliance of your people – Timelines is here to help you shine.

What is Timelines?

Timelines is a powerful storytelling platform available right at your fingertips, whether you're on your desktop or mobile device. It empowers organizations to craft immersive narratives that bring their heritage to life in innovative ways never seen before.

Here's a demonstration Timeline for your review -adidas

Why Choose Timelines?

Imagine weaving together images, letters, videos, and audio into a tapestry of history that captivates your audience. With Timelines, you can do just that. Our multimedia timelines offer a dynamic and engaging experience, enabling your visitors to explore the chronology of your assets at their own pace, via your own website or through a unique QR code.

What Can Timelines Do for You?

Timelines isn't just about reliving the past – it's about shaping the future. Showcasing pivotal moments and events that have shaped your city, town, or business. Educate and inform your visitors while highlighting key landmarks and milestones. And yes, commercialize your assets or brand seamlessly, putting you in control of the purchasing journey.

Unlock Insights with Timelines

But that's not all. Timelines offers more than just storytelling. Our platform comes equipped with KPI monitoring and reports, empowering you with invaluable insights into visitor engagement and behaviour.

Experience the Full Package

Ready to take your heritage or corporate history to the next level? Most Timelines are self curated, however we offer a turnkey solution tailored to your project's needs. From content creation to project management, we've got you covered. Plus, enjoy additional perks like aerial footage recording, digital land scanning, 3D modelling, and Augmented Reality overlay.

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Don't let your legacy fade into obscurity. Take the first step towards preserving and promoting your heritage with Timelines.

For more information, reach out to us at support@aftercloud.co.uk, or speak with one of our dedicated account managers.

Your legacy awaits – let's bring it to life with Timelines. ✨