About us

Dylogic (the business behind After Cloud) is a technology led business for social good with three intuitive ORCHA baseline approved (NHS approved - digital health app library) mobile applications within our portfolio of services. These are available on your App Store and are called Journals (*approval process), Moments and Timelines.

Journals is utilised for digital journaling, Moments for journaling and as a digital memory box, and Timelines creates a chronology of your life story in rich full colour multimedia. Timelines for Heritage is a platform and mobile app applied to corporate heritage (The history of...) and visitor economy assets such as buildings, monuments, statues, etc.

Our apps were developed from lived experience of a family bereavement, in the knowledge that when a person dies, a whole library of information and family history is lost forever, so we sought to make effective change.

As a pledge of our commitment to create greater social impact on behalf of our user community, we 'gift' our Moments app to hospices and supported social care organisations. This means that for every Timelines subscription, someone with a life limiting illness and those nearing end of life, can leave lasting impactful messages for their loved ones and will have their digital legacy, live on too.

Our Core Principles


We foster an inclusive environment that actively engages our clients and team members in decision-making processes, as well as in embracing opportunities and overcoming challenges in a unified way.

Our team comprises skilled professionals hailing from diverse backgrounds, each contributing their unique set of skills.

We are resolutely dedicated to enhancing accessibility to our products and are actively pioneering innovative strategies to diminish health disparities.

User-Centric Approach

We prioritize understanding the personal journeys and experiences of individuals, which enables us to tailor our products to the specific needs of our target audience.

We firmly believe that effective communication and collaboration are fundamental to creating products that enhance overall health outcomes and ensure individuals remain actively healthy within community based settings.

Our track record in co-design and co-production is a testament to our commitment to working hand-in-hand with our stakeholders.

Our work in both Adult's and Children's social care is spearheaded by an esteemed product steering group of thought leaders, practitioners and users.

Environmental Stewardship

We are unwavering in our commitment to reduce carbon emissions with the organisations we work with.

Our dedication extends to improving the well-being of the populations we presently serve, as well as those of future generations.

Promoting sustainability in our products and services is a key part of our mission.

We also further promote Corporate Social Responsibility as a key part of our B2B offering.

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