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YOUR story matters!

After Cloud is a business for social good and positive purposeful impact, providing technology that helps us to celebrate and share our individual moments, create our unique life story and preserve our rich family history across three intuitive apps - Journals, Moments and Timelines.

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Our products

Introducing Journals, Moments and Timelines. Available today on the Apple and Google Play stores.


Utilised for digital journaling and as a digital memory box.

Capture life's moments in rich full colour multimedia, so they can be shared now or in the future and cherished forever.



Utilised for life story work and for dementia based research and reminiscence

Create a digital timeline that tells the life story of you and your loved ones, which also generates a unique QR code that you can share as required.



Capture a young persons activity moments, so they can be shared privately and securely.



Research partners

Our academic partners are at the forefront of evidence based research, covering special educational needs, dementia care activities, residential care and healthy ageing initiatives.

If you are a researcher or work in an academic department, who would benefit from working proactively with a technology company who champions social good, we would love to hear from you.

University of St Andrews
University of Bedfordshire
Texas State University

Our mission

We are a tech for good company, who build apps for societal need and positive social impact.  We are passionate about ensuring that everyone's digital legacy is enhanced through activity led life enrichment and that everyone's rich family history is retained for generations to come.



Tommy Dunne was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in December 2011. Since his diagnosis he's been: Chair of the Service Users Reference Forum (SURF) Board member of the Nation Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) Member of the 3 Nations Dementia Working Group (3NDWG) A member of Everton pass on the memories group and also Vice Chair of the Liverpool DAA Transport Group.

He was awarded British Empire Medal in June 2016 for his work for People living with Dementia.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

We are extremely grateful to our esteemed advisory boards, which are now country specific. Each board member represents their unique field of expertise within the country they serve.

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